OURA Ringの睡眠トラッキングが、iPhoneアプリの方に同期されなくなってから、色々とサポートとやり取りしていますが、ダメ

OURA Ring本体の方では、睡眠トラッキングが出来ているのかもわからない状態なので、単純になにかの原因はあるものの、トラッキングした睡眠データが、iPhoneアプリの方に同期されないだけなのか、そもそもOURA Ring本体で、睡眠トラッキングが取れなくなっているのか、分からないので。



昨日はOURA Ring本体をファクトリーリセットしてみましたので、直っていれば、昨夜の睡眠データは同期されるはずでしたが、朝起きて同期してみたけど、駄目でした。




Since the OURA Ring itself does not know whether sleep tracking is possible, there is simply a cause, but whether the tracked sleep data is not synchronized with the iPhone application in the first place, I do n’t know if I ca n’t get sleep tracking.

The activity can be tracked without any problems, and the data is also synchronized to the iPhone application, so it seems that it is completely impossible to judge whether the ring itself is bad or the application is bad. If you already deleted the iPhone app and replaced it with a new one, I think that it will be restored, but that was also not possible. Yesterday, I tried factory resetting the OURA Ring main body, so if I fixed it, the sleep data from last night should have been synchronized, but when I got up in the morning and tried to synchronize, it was not. I feel like a niece, and today I would like to e-mail support again from this state.

It seems that it will usually be repaired after the factory reset, so it may be time to replace it, but there is a possibility that it can be solved by talking with support.

Please let me know if there is something wrong, maybe it will be fixed.


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