OURA Ringはやってますか?いえ、はやっていません!!



ただし、Apple Watchも相変わらず気になるところですので、OURAとApple Watchを組み合わせて使ってもいいかなと思っていたりするので、相変わらず悩ましさ全開ですね!

OURA Ring Second generation
OURA Ring Second generation


ファーストジェネレーションの時は、OURA Ring本体も大きかったので、例えば食器を洗う時とか外すことも有りましたが、セカンドジェネレーションは、OURA Ring本体が薄くなったので、そのまま食器洗ったりコップ洗ったりするんですが、意外と細かな傷が付いてきて、この前初めて気が付きましたが、意外な盲点でした。



Several months have passed since I started using Second Generation, but the battery is still good and I can afford four days.
This is really easy, and since it’s often empty-handed, it’s best not to worry about the charger.
If you can’t go back to the place where the charger is located for more than 4 days, you will often have to take your luggage with you, so you will automatically have to have various chargers, so you can bring your OURA charger with you. .

As usual, you can easily see various things in the application, so you can get enough data about your daily life.

However, Apple Watch is still anxious, so you might be wondering if you can use OURA and Apple Watch in combination, so it’s still annoying!

Compact as ever.
It ’s simpler than the first generation, it ’s like a charger.

At the time of the first generation, the OURA Ring body was also large, so there were times when it was removed, for example, when washing dishes, but since the OURA Ring body became thinner, the second generation would wash the dishes or cups as they are However, I noticed it for the first time the last time because it was surprisingly fine, but it was an unexpected blind spot.

I often removed it during the first generation, so I thought that it wouldn’t be removed when it became thinner.

It was an unexpected blind spot, but after all it is very easy to track the information just by putting it on your finger, it is easy to track, and the battery has a good health care item that you can really recommend I think that.


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